Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper is a Chesterfield native who early on developed an interest in science and a penchant for precision. In his younger years, these interests became passions and resulted in a lot of experiments and some ill advised fireworks creations that kept his parents on their toes at all times. After attending the Virginia Military Institute, Cooper began home brewing and quickly developed a talent for creating recipes that resulted in unique flavors while still emphasizing the history behind specific styles of beer. In September 2014, Cooper decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and began plans to open his first brewery in his hometown of Chesterfield. On June 11, 2016, the Cooper family opened the doors at Steam Bell Beer Works to several thousand friends and haven’t looked back since. Specializing in farmhouse ales, Steam Bell Beer Works has 3 flagship beers — the Grisette Saison, Time Is Money IPA, and Tiramisu Stout — and continues to evolve their portfolio with a wide selection of small batch beers on tap in their tasting room. Historically, a steam bell was used in the craft of barrel making by coopers to make the wood they used more pliable. As such, the Steam Bell brand name is representative of the heritage, tradition and craftsmanship we seek to embody in every beer we create.