Fire, Flour & Fork
Bartender Battle

The second edition of the Fire, Flour & Fork Bartender Battle starts now! It will finish on Thursday, Nov. 17th with the winner of the Dabney Cup being crowned at the finals at Casa del Barco. Tickets are available here.

This year's theme is "What Santa REALLY Wants to Drink with That Plate of Cookies." Entries are now closed.

Good luck to all who entered here!

Instructions for the Bartender Battle.

2016 Bartender Battle rules:

  1. Cocktails must include one spirit by a Richmond-based distillery: Belle Isle Moonshine, James River Distillery's Gin, Rum or Oster Vit, Reservoir Bourbon or Whiskey or Cirrus Vodka.
  2. Cocktails must include no more than six ingredients, excluding the garnish. If your cocktail uses a beer, wine, cider or mead as one of the additional five ingredients, use those made in the Richmond region (city, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield and New Kent).
  3. Cocktail recipes will be judged by an out-of-state expert and the three finalists will be chosen to compete in the Bartender Battle at Casa del Barco at 10 p.m. on Nov. 17th. Each round of that competition will feature a secret ingredient.
  4. The winner will receive The Dabney Cup, bragging rights and a $200 cash prize.
  5. Competition is open to any bartender currently working in the bar or restaurant industry in the Richmond region (city, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield and New Kent).
  6. Each participant shall use the official entry form online.
  7. Recipe submissions shall be original creations. 1 recipe submission per bartender.
  8. Recipes shall be expressed in ounces, drops, or dashes and scaled for a single serving.
  9. Recipe must include a detailed description of the garnish if there is one.
  10. All ingredients utilized should be expected to be available to most bars or easily acquired/made.
  11. All ingredients should be available year-round, so nothing too seasonal. And all ingredients should be obtainable — or should be able to be made from scratch — without undue difficulty or expense anywhere within the continental U.S.
  12. Cocktails made with inappropriate ingredients will be disqualified with determination of what constitutes an inappropriate ingredient made by the judging committee.
  13. Cocktails will be judged on originality, use of product and taste.
  14. Finalists will be told by Oct. 25th that they will be participating in the final rounds at Casa del Barco 10 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 17th.