James Eckrosh

James began his career cooking in his step-brother’s restaurant and cultivated his skills through dedication and long hours in the kitchen. While living in Los Angeles, he developed a passion for Thai and Japanese cuisine, and these styles have had a firm influence on his culinary endeavors. Cooking in the bustling and adventurous culinary stage of the Big Easy, James worked in various fine dining restaurants, including Stella! and Olivier's, until his skill, dedication and gluttony for punishment led him to an executive chef position at the highest-rated brunch eatery in town, Surrey's. Fusing his Asian gastronomic influences to his love for Southern and Creole fare, James has found a culinary interpretation for The Dog and Pig Show on Church Hill that he hopes speaks to any palate. His food, like his taste in music and literature, is always evolving; and most of all, is never boring or bland.