Lynette Potgieter

I still remember my very first cake I made...

I was about three years old, my mother was busy baking a cake and I was busy devising a plan to make a cake of my own. With calculated timing, I successfully and secretly got my hands on a couple of eggs and escaped to my father's vegetable garden. It was there that I mixed soil with eggs and sunshine to create a magnificent Chocolate Mud Cake!

After graduating with a degree in Optometry, I left South Africa and took off to London. Soon my lifestyle and eating habits changed, along with my dress size. After a while, I knew I had to change my ways. I decided to follow a 30 day detox which opened my eyes to a whole new world & my passion for nutrition was born! After two years of enduring English weather and food, I relocated to sunny Australia, where my quest into nutrition continued. I enrolled into an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine at the Nature Care College in Sydney & learned how we each have a unique biochemistry. Naturally, I wanted to understand my own biochemistry & through this learned that I have Insulin Resistance. My sweet tooth was my driving force in revamping my dessert recipes with low-glycemic ingredients, without losing the taste.

I noticed that cafes & restaurants did not offer such an option & saw an opportunity. Nettie's Naturally was born out of my passion for nutrition & love for sweet treats, by making delicious desserts, suitable for people with Diabetes & Celiac Disease. The best part is, they taste so good, everyone will love them! 

Most recently, I discovered the wonderful world of Raw Food & trained under Russell James, UK's leading Raw Food Chef, at the Raw Food Chef Academy. Nettie's Naturally, also brings Raw Vegan delights to the table!