Paige Healy
& Gregorio Spinzo

Paige Healy
Before Paige Healy was tall

Before Paige Healy was tall enough to reach the counter, she was standing on a milk crate, prepping vegetables in the kitchen at her dad’s restaurant.

She grew up learning from award winning chefs at The Boathouse and then went on to study traditional Italian cooking at the Italian Culinary Institute in 2012.

Relaxed, alfresco family dinners on the Southern Coast of Italy inspired Healy and her husband, Gregorio Spinzo, to bring the experience back to Richmond. The duo launched the wildly successful farm-to-table program, Dinner in the Field in the summer of 2014, where guests were seated and served a meal in a fresh way – on the farm itself. Now in its third year, Paige and Gregorio are wrapping up this Summer season by bringing Dinner in the Field to Southern Italy .

Gregorio Spinzo

Gregorio grew up in Satriano, the countryside of Southern Italy. His family meals were made from the food grown right outside their door – milk from their cow, orange juice from their orange tree, eggs from their chickens, and vegetables from their garden. What is a nostalgic dream for most of us was a way of life for Gregorio’s family. Even the olive oil and wine were homemade!

Inspired by his mother’s teachings, Gregorio grew up with a passion for food. He still remembers the moment his mom gave him the first taste of pizza dough from her prep table.

Raised in a culture where lunch and dinner were daily family gatherings, Gregorio sees anyone he cooks for as a family member. When Gregorio and Paige co-founded Dinner in the Field, they wanted to bring that Italian tradition of community through cuisine to Richmond, VA.