Paul Heitz


Paul Heitz grew up in France where the focus is on food. Every morning or every other day, he would go to the market, like most French, and get fresh seasonal ingredients from local farmers. As a teenager, he spent time on the French Riviera helping a neighbor farmer pick asparagus, melons, tomatoes, and peaches in September; Heitz harvested the vines for the wine as well. 

When Heitz was 16 he had to choose between high-school and French Ecole Hoteliere (4 years of culinary and restaurant / hotel management). He chose the French Ecole Hoteliere. With his jobs, traveling all over the world, he had the opportunity to taste and enjoy multiple cultures with their food and gastronomic experience. He developed his restaurant concept based on his customer experience. The menu changes weekly based on fresh seasonal ingredients and the wine is carefully paired with each dish.

Over all I want to share good food, good wine and my passion.

At Amour we pair Wine Food and Life.