Ryn Bruce

Armed with a master of fine arts degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design, Ryn Bruce landed in Richmond in 2009. She quickly embraced the creative spirit of the city and started her own design studio. After years of working and not coming up for air she got the crazy idea to get out and meet new people by giving away homemade cakes to those who are making a difference in the community. On July 1, 2013, she launched Batter Up, a social experiment in which she committed to baking a cake every week for a year and surprising unsuspecting community do-gooders with a slice of gratitude. The identities of the deserving cake recipients are a secret until the moment of delivery and anyone can nominate someone to receive a cake. After the delivery, Ryn blogs about the deserving recipients and their cake-worthy stories so that everyone can learn a little more about their neighbors. Ryn's one-year commitment has come to an end but she still continues to deliver cakes and is currently working on a book about the project. Ryn also continues to pay the bills through her design business, Coloryn Studio, where she focuses on brand identity development and publication design.